Tromsø VegFest – Nord-Norges Vegetarfestival depends on volunteers and we need many to make it as awesome as it can be!

There are loads of possible tasks, both at the event and beforehand. To name a few: helping at bake sales or information stalls before the festival, baking vegan cake, handing out leaflets before the event, setting up and taking down on the day of the event, selling lottery tickets during the festival, check tickets at the entrance, photography/videography, helping at the kid’s corner and more! Read more about the different tasks below! Our shifts are short (around 3,5 hours), so you have the possibility to both volunteer & enjoy the festival as a guest.

As a volunteer you will also:

  • Make a load of new friends and be part of an awesome community
  • Make a big difference and earn our eternal gratefulness
  • Learn new skills
  • Free snacks the day of the event
  • Get free entrance to the festival

Are you interested in volunteering?

Read more about our volunteer positions:

Moving/setting up tables, chairs, cables and signage in the hall. Helping exhibitors to find their table. We have little time to set up everything, so your work is crucial! And hey, be one of the first people seeing all of the great things Tromsø VegFest has to offer 🙂 Side note: Volunteering for this task enables you also to enjoy the ENTIRE festival!

Want to make people enter the festival with a smile? You’re the first person visitors meet and you check tickets, sell tickets and hand out event guides. Join this crew if you want to give people a great festival start!

As a volunteer at the Grønn Framtid booth you inform people about the organisation behind Tromsø VegFest – Nord-Norges Vegetarfestival: Grønn Framtid! You inform about campaigns, give information on vegan food, sell books and look for new members who will support Grønn Framtids work. You’ll receive training before 🙂 Curious to know more now about Grønn Framtid and our mission to reduce animal products by 50 % by 2040? Check out www.gronn-framtid.no!

You are the one who jumps in if someone is sick, if we realise that we need more people somewhere or who helps solving unforeseen problems. Bonus: You might get to see/do lots of different cool things!

You are caring for the festivals smallest visitors by drawing with them, playing or other activities – and making them smile! Bonus: Want to be the person/one of the persons planning the childrens corner as well? You already have suggestions on what the kid’s corner should look like/what the activities should be? Go ahead and write to tromso@vegfest.no

You are the person keeping the festival and it’s message alive: Even when the festival is over! As a photographer you will be all over the festival taking photos of exhibitors, visitors, speakers, cooking classes and more! Big plus if you have experience with taking good photos and if you have the possibility to take photos during the whole day – with lots of breaks of course! It’s a requirement that you bring your own camera.

You’re a star, because you make the festival look nice, tidy and clean! We need you! And of course our shining star will see a lot of the festival as you’re roaming around 🙂

You are the one making sure that speakers and cooking demo assistants have everything they need and that there are no problems during the talks and cooking demos – and of course you get to see a lot of what’s going on on stage. For this position you need to be able to speak both Norwegian and English.

At the welcome table you help visitors finding their way at the festival location, answer questions as well as selling awesome cake and raffle tickets. You are representing Tromsø VegFest even more than other places! 🙂

At the iAnimal table you will show people a virtual reality video of chicken farms. The visitor sees the scene through the eye of a chicken. For this position it’s a plus if you have experience with animal rights. You will receive training in order to learn how to use the VR glasses.

Hand out flyers about Tromsø VegFest in the city center to let even more people know about our delicious festival! You’ll be away from the festival venue, but therefore your shift is one of the shortest – so plenty of time to enjoy the festival!

You’re updating people out there on social media on the day of the event – inviting everyone at home to come and join or show them what a great festival they missed! This role requires that we get to know you better before the festival – because you’re not only speaking to more than a thousand festival attendees, but also thousands of people out there!

You are the person keeping the festival and it’s message alive: Even when the festival is over! As a videographer you will be all over the festival taking videos of exhibitors, visitors, speakers, cooking classes and more! Big plus if you have experience with recording videos. It’s a requirement that you bring your own camera for this position.

This is the shortest volunteer shift of the festival! You will be assisting in the take down of the following: art installations, tables, chairs, signage, etc. We have just limited time & need to be out of the building by 18:30, so you work little time, but effectively 🙂 Side note: volunteering for this Crew enables you to enjoy the ENTIRE festival!

Foto: Lise Mari Lorentzen

Volunteer opportunities beyond the day of event/sporadic help before:
Do you have a special skill or experience and passion to volunteer with Tromsø VegFest on a more ongoing, deeper level? We’d love to hear from you! The planning committee is looking for dedicated and reliable team members to help in various ways. If interested, please contact us at tromso@vegfest.no and tell us about yourself, your experience what you can contribute with and how much time you have.

You might also want to check out Grønn Framtid’s volunteer page as we are working on several other awesome projects!