Privacy policy

When you use our site, some data is collected. This is a policy for our storage and use of this data.
When you visit our website, and our related websites, or, you agree to the use of cookies. As we don’t sell any products and don’t have any kind of login, we don’t use a lot of cookies and we don’t store a lot of information. Below, you can read about the data that gets stored by us, which third parties have access and why:

When you fill out a form
If you sign up for our newsletter, become a member or fill out a form on out website, data about you is collected. We don’t ask for unneccesary data and we store the data collected safely. Your data such as email adress, full name etc won’t be shared in any way.

Our membership form is run by a third party, Solidus, who hosts our member registry. The data you give on this form as well as payment for the membership goes through this third party. You can read Solidus’ privacy policy here:


Our newsletter form is made by a third party, Mailchimp. The data we collect through our newsletter, such as the open rate and the participants’ email adresses, is stored on third party servers. You can read their privacy policy here:

We use a third party, Google Analytics, to analyze traffic on our websites. To do this, Google Analytics uses cookies. Cookies are anonymous data and neither we or Analytics can find your identity through use of cookies.

We, as most websites, use cookies to make your experience of the website better. This includes temporary storage of data you give us, for example remembering that you agreed to the use of cookies on your next visit. Cookies are stored in your browser as a unique userID. We don’t get any personal information from cookies.

You can control the use of cookies in your browser settings. Here, you can also remove cookies or block cookies from certain or all sites. Note that a lot of websites rely on cookies to run properly, so turning off cookies can alter your experience online.

In 2018, a regulation about GDPR was approved in the EU court. General Data Protection Regulation is an attempt to strenghten and keep your privacy online. This means that all websites has to get a confirmation from its users regarding storage of personal data. This means that you as a user has the right to control the storage of your personal data.

We don’t misuse yuor data
We follow current regulations regarding storage of data. We don’t sell your data to third parties and we don’t store unnecessary data. If you ask us to remove you from a list, for example or member registry or news letter, we’ll remove all your personal data from our lists.

Following is a link to the Norwegian law regarding GDPR and privacy online: