Our sponsors & the organiser

Grønn Framtid (organiser)
Grønn Framtid is a charity organisation working towards making plant-based foods available everywhere and for everyone, so that everyone has the possibility to make a good choice for the environment, animals and their own health. Many of the most pressing problems in today’s society have one thing in common: They are connected to our high consume of animal products. Grønn Framtid’s work for a more plant-based diet saves the environment for huge strains, prevent the most common lifestyle diseases and helps animals suffering in the intensive agriculture.
Grønn Framtid is the organiser of Tromsø VegFest – Nord-Norges Vegetarfestival.

Kitchen and Table (main sponsor)
When you mix our Arctic ingredients with flavors from Manhattan you certainly have a recipe for success! Top chef Marcus Samuelsson has achieved global status with his culinary achievements in the United States. He has cooked for Barack Obama, appeared as a judge on numerous American television programmes and done a great job putting Scandinavian cooking on the map! Some of our menus are created in collaboration with EAT – enjoy a seasonal, healthy meal, that in the same time makes the lowest possible footprint on our planet.

Tromsø Meditasjon (main sponsor)
Tromsø Meditasjon is a volunteer organization who offers free classes in meditation, deep relaxation and stress management every week in Tromsø city center. We also hold events like vegan cooking classes, weekend Retreats with Yoga & Meditation, and also vegan Julebord (Christmas feast).

Veganlife (sponsor)
Veganlife Norge is a Norwegian onlineshop which was established in 2012. Find everything from books and clothes to delicious vegan food and much more in their shop! Veganlife is not going to have a booth at Tromsø VegFest, but find their products online 24/7!

Products to the lottery at Tromsø VegFest – Nord-Norges Vegetarfestival are sponsored by the following companies and organisations: Be:Eco, Cafe Bodega, Dyrebeskyttelsen Tromsø, Grønn Framtid, Kitchen & Table, Lofotkyss AS, NOAH – for dyrs rettigheter, Nordens Paris, Norli Nerstranda, Pro Helse, Tromsø Meditasjon and Veganlife!

Other exhibitors

Café Bodega
We are volunteer-driven Café at the university of Tromsø, and a part of the student society Driv. We specialize in waffles, and are known for our vegan ones

Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge Tromsø
DBT works with practical animal protection under the umbrella of Dyrebeskyttelsen Norge.

Framtiden i våre hender Tromsø
Framtiden i våre hender (Future in our hands) is Norway’s largest environmental organization, and works for a fair distribution of the world’s resources.

Germain Muvunyi
Homemade vegan food inspired from East-Africa.

Green Falafel
Green Falafel sells crispy falafel!

Kaninhold.info is a website that provides important information and practical advice about how to give house rabbits the best lives possible. The goal of the website is to stop pet rabbit suffering by educating the owners about rabbit needs and behavior.

Monica wanted healthy food for people on the go. All of our products are full of protein, good fats, fiber and superfood, and NO milk, gluten or table sugar. Crunch on vegetables, nuts and seeds with spicy flavours and a hint of the sea in our snack mix, or enjoy raw chocolate propped with all the healthy stuff Monica could imagine, and real flavour. We only use ingredients that are good for you!

Nathanaël Gustin
Selling vegan french crêpes on a bicycle.

Miljøpartiet De Grønne / Green Party
Political party with focus on environmental politics and animal rights.

NOAH – for dyrs rettigheter
NOAH is an organisation that always promotes the animals’ case and is never satisfied with compromises at their expense. Animals do not exist for human use. They exist to live their own lives. This is why NOAH works against all exploitation of animals.

Norli Nerstranda
Bookshop with English and Norwegian literature, normally situated at Nerstranda shopping centre. Vipps & cash payment.

Simply powerful, simply smart, that’s Snoefnugg, that’s Arctic Matcha from Norway. Teetradition modern interpretation. The result convinces both in taste and effect as well as in customer acceptance. Functional nutrition is this finely ground powder of wild arctic plants. The green superfood, one of the rarest teas in the world. We do not just make green teas, we think green too. Well-being in harmony with nature.

Spire is an environmental and development organization working for a just and sustainable world. We want to see the big contexts and change the root causes of why injustice occurs. That is why we focus on the environment, food security, international trade and sustainable urban development. We work for a fairer food system that gives all people access to enough, safe and nutritious food.